Ditch the lift & take the stairs

Take the stairs!

Take a look at our feature ‘Ditch the Lift & take the stairs’. In it you will find some interesting and quirky facts. We often hear in the media that we should all be taking at least 30 minutes of regular exercise per day, to improve our lives and well being. Just climbing a flight of stairs for example would contribute to this and you would be amazed how many calories you would burn in doing so. In one year alone the average person can burn an amazing total of around 11700 calories!

Ditch the lift!

Another topic that we are all encouraged to comply with, is to reduce our CO2 usage. A typical lift generates in just one year, 120Kg per person of CO2 which is the equivalent to 156 wash cycles from a dishwasher!
Of course when taking the stairs instead of the lift we can avoid that claustrophobic feeling when you have too many people invading your personal space. Many of us find this an uncomfortable feeling and would gladly do what we can to avoid it.
You also hear of these horror stories of people who get trapped in lifts which have broken down. There is one such story of an unfortunate individual who got stuck in a lift late on a Friday evening and was not rescued for 41 hours!
So go have a look at our ‘Ditch the Lift & take the Stairs’ feature. I’m sure you will find it of interest.

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