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Mr Manders’ Oak and Glass Balustrade Refurb

We haven’t had our GlassBuilder for very long, but that hasn’t stopped our customers from making some beautiful projects.

One of the best that we have seen so far is a lovely upgrade to our customers existing staircase, showing just what can be done with a GlassBuilder and without breaking the bank.

Embedded Glass With Oak Handrail

A Beautiful Staircase Refurb With Oak and Glass

As you can see, Mr Manders has kept his existing newels and painted them white, just as he has painted his strings. This creates a brilliant base that shows off both the glass and Oak while not pulling focus creating clear lines.

Embedded Glass With Oak Handrail

Embedded Glass With Oak Handrail

The 8mm Toughened Glass is then embedded into the Oak handrail and painted baserail. This means that there is no movement but also no chrome so as not to pull focus. As the handrails and newel caps are not painted but instead varnished, you still get the beautiful Oak grain flowing through, therefore maintaining a natural element.

Embedded Glass With Oak Handrail

Get Inspired Thanks to Mr Manders!

If you are inspired and want to create something similar, take a look at the GlassBuilder or Stair Parts section.

Also, if you’ve used us before, have you taken a look at our StairBox Photo Competition? You still until the end of November to enter by sending just Three good quality photos to be in with a chance of winning up to £100 in vouchers!

Measure for your new stairs as accurately as you can

It is quite easy to get caught up in the euphoria of designing your new set of stairs without considering that you have actually got the right measurements to hand when ordering your staircase to be built.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the measurements you provide the stair makers with, is done as closely as possible. You will get all the help you need from the supplier, but it is your responsibility to give them the accurate measurements.

To achieve this, you can take advantage of a walk-through guide found online or you can simply find out exactly what measurements are required and note these down before passing on to the manufacturer of the stairs.

Making sure you get the right stair opening measurements is important before you even consider getting down to the staircase design itself.

Firstly, you should take down the floor to floor height, remembering to include the upstairs floor-board thickness.

Now you can move on to the stair opening, being careful to measure from the back wall to the (unfinished) trimmer joist.

Once you have followed the correct instructions, you can then select a suitable staircase design, which fits in with the headroom you have to work with.

Ensure your staircase meets all current building regulations

When you are looking to install new stairs as part of your new build or loft conversion project, you need to bear in mind that current building regulations will need to be taken into account.

No matter what you are planning, all the time spend designing your perfect staircase could be wasted if you haven’t thought about this very important aspect of any home renovation.

Whether you have decided on stairs in consultation with an architect or have gone it alone, you still should ensure that the staircase is designed according to the legislation in place.

Your stair manufacturer will also be able to offer guidance on this as they only construct staircases that meet the criteria, although bespoke models can be ordered from them which do not comply with the most recent regulations.

This is why you should find out as much as you can about such things as the correct rise, pitch, going and of course the headroom for these new stairs.

It is therefore necessary to consider that if you should ever decide to sell your property, a surveyor would always be involved in checking such things as the fitting of the staircase.