ClearCut – A Modern Cut String Staircase


A ClearCut Creation

The Creation of the ClearCut staircase is one of the greatest triumphs of the in-house design team, with the perfect blend of American White Oak, Glass, Painted Wood and Chrome. The ClearCut redefines what it means to be a cut string staircase. A Cut String staircase is no longer a relic of Victorian Britain, but instead a part of any contemporary homestead. This Modern Cut String staircase design is one that will never go out of style.


Our customer came to their new home knowing that there was a lot to do to get everything into shape, but such is the nature of an exciting self-renovation project such as this. You can see in this first photo, we have a stairwell and basic floor heights. This was all that was needed to create a design for the flight and send the customer a CAD drawing and beautiful 3D render of the final flight.

Toughened Glass

Using simple oblong clamps to hold 8mm toughened glass, the staircase looks both open and inviting. A grandiose flight in the center of a large open space such as this would potentially seem a little overbearing. That is why a lot of time went into the creation of a staircase that is both well suited to its surroundings while simultaneously being a centerpiece to the home.

White Oak and Painted Strings

In particular this staircase is interesting as the flight has the ClearCut string on the two sides for a good portion of the flight. This means that we can see just how fantastic this feature looks, flaunting the American White Oak Treads protruding over the painted stair strings. This is then framed perfectly by the toughened glass sitting on chrome clamps, letting light flood the room and adding a mixture of modern and natural colours to an already beautiful scene.

Whatever Suits

Should you be thinking about adding a ClearCut staircase to your home you can choose from a great variety of options, including all Oak (no painted elements), Walnut, Walnut and painted string, alternative glass clamps etc. If you’d like to see a little about the various options available for the ClearCut style, check out this Stair Details Factsheet about ClearCut Staircases.


Feel free to use our Online Stair Design Tool to price up any basic flights you would like. However, if you would like a more in-depth look at your staircase please feel free to call us on 01782 832555 or email us using and we would be more than happy to design something that will be perfect for you.

  • Design

    RH 3 Tread Turn (Winder)

  • Balustrade Type

    Clamped Glass

  • Extras

    Landing Balustrade

  • Stringer


  • Treads and Risers

    Solid Oak

  • Custom Features

    ClearCut Design