Grand T-Shape, Oak and Glass Staircase


Grand T-Shape, Oak and Glass

Thanks to OPUS Properties we can see just how grand a feature a staircase can be while still retaining a sleek and modern look.

Complimentary Glass and Oak

Here 10mm glass is held in place with chrome clamps creating a beautiful addition while not drawing the eye away from the staircase itself. The use of American White Oak stands proud of the neutral environment, a natural element to this simple, sleek surrounding. The staircase is a great central feature to what is otherwise a plain hallway and creates a ‘Wow!’ factor as soon as you enter the hall.

Open and Closed Plan

You are able to see how here the flight it created of both open and closed plan flights. The lower closed flights containing the solid risers, while the open elements above demonstrate the use of half risers allowing the light to flood into the hallway. This is a welcome addition to the hallway rather than a foreboding structure that it could have otherwise been in the wrong hands!

Feature Treads

The opening to the flight is populated by three feature treads; a dancing step, curtail step and bullnose step. The addition of a dancing step is a nice traditional touch to what is otherwise a very traditional flight. These feature treads serve to open the staircase massively into this gigantic hallway and create a great invitation to join the staircase from the left and right of the flight without hesitation.

Perfect Planning

The CAD drawing shown below demonstrates just how technical the creation of this flight was. But don’t let this worry you, a lot of this is for our use to ensure that every detail, no matter how small, is accounted for before the flight leave our workshop. The adjusted goings throughout the different elements of the flight means that this would technically not comply with UK regulations, however, we are able to create any flight that you require and to whatever specifications you require, we merely have to make you fully aware of the regulations and how they would apply to your flight. While you can always look into the regulations yourself by looking into Document K, feel free to call us on 01782 832555 or email us using and we are always happy to talk you through them.

  • Design


  • Balustrade Type

    Clamped Glass

  • Extras

    Double Curtain Step and Bullnose

  • Stringer

    Solid Oak

  • Treads and Risers

    Solid & Veneered Oak

  • Custom Features

    Open Plan, Oak Half Risers with Nosing