White and Pine SpaceSaver Staircase


Mr. William’s White and Pine SpaceSaver

Here we have a beautiful example of a Pine SpaceSaver Staircase that really shines in its simplicity.

Paddle Flights

SpaceSaver staircases (Sometimes called ‘Paddle Flights’) are noteworthy due to their ability to traverse the same height in approximately half the Going of a normal flight. This is due to their paddle treads that alternate between left and right with each step.

Modern and Traditional

Making use of the limited space available, Mr Williams has created a simple yet stylish flight that perfectly fits with the rest of the surrounding decor. Blending both the modern with the traditional, we have Edwardian turned spindles embedded into a varnished oak Handrail.

As this is a Pine SpaceSaver flight you need to have a handrail on both sides, as such Mr Williams has mirrored the handrail and put it on brackets.

Beauty and Safety

By Painting the strings and risers, Mr Williams has drawn focus to the brilliantly varnished Redwood Pine Treads. The Varnish used here also contains a non-slip agent, create a dual purpose of both beauty and, of course, safety.


The nature of Space Saver flights is such that they are only able to service either one room or one room and an ensuite, this is simply an effort to limit traffic, however they are well within regulations and are a safe alternative to potentially losing
that additional space.


Using only Cream, white and the varnished natural wood, Mr Williams has created which is simply the best looking Pine SpaceSaver we have ever seen while by no means breaking the bank. I think that we can all agree that this is a beautiful flight that is just
bursting with character.


If you’d like a little more information about SpaceSaver flights, feel free to read through our SpaceSaver Guide where you are able to read a little more as to how they work and when they are suitable.

If you would like to design a SpaceSaver flight, check out our Loft StairBuilder. Here you are able to design and purchase a loft staircase using our step by step guide. If you would like any help you’re always able to give us a call on 01782 832555 or email us using hello@stairbox.com and our highly trained advisors would be more than happy to help.

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    SpaceSaver Loft Stairs

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    Turned Newels & Spindles

  • Wall Rail

    Cheshire Pattern

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