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ClearCut Stairs

A ClearCut staircase is a twist on the classic cut string, bringing it right up to date and will sit happily in any modern space. Combining the best of our popular Oak and Glass range as well as our Cut String Staircases, ClearCut is an absolute gorgeous design that was invented in house at StairBox.

What is a ClearCut Staircase?

ClearCut Stairs - Modern Cut String ClearCut Stairs

A ClearCut stair is ostensibly a cut string staircase that is designed to show off the best of glass and your chosen main wood (usually American White Oak). A cut string staircase is one in which the string is cut to follow the treads and risers, drawing clean geometric lines against the the stringer. If you would like a little more information about cut string staircases, check out this post specifically about cut string staircases.

Additionally, with ClearCut stairs we also have the addition of glass that it cut to perfectly follow the tread and riser. This additional framing is a brilliant effect genuinely showing the best of the polished, toughened glass as well as the treads and risers. Here you can see how the glass sits just off the staircase itself using chrome clamps. Again, nothing pulling focus, everything complimenting each element to come together and create a truly beautiful product.

Building Regulations

ClearCut Stairs cause no issues with regards to Building Regulations using the designs given. This design was created to make everything as easy as possible for the customer while maximising style.

Material Specifications

This design is unique in that it suits a multiple of material specifications, it is able to suit any surroundings and compliment any decor without issue. Let’s have a look at just a few of the options:

Oak with white painted strings

Here at StairBox this is overwhelmingly the office’s favourite option, to the extent that this was the design that we took to several shows and even have in our Showroom. Here you get the benefits of the oak but the white pine strings means that the costs are kept lower. However I think that you would agree with us when we say that this does not cheapen the design, but rather shows off the oak perfectly and creates a really crisp, clean look. (Shown Right)

side view of clearcut stairs


All Oak

Occasionally customers prefer to stay away from any painted elements on their staircase, preferring to go an all natural route. When that’s the case, this is the staircase that we show them, an all oak design to really flaunt the timber. Here at StairBox we use American White Oak where possible, not only is this one of the densest oaks, but it is also (as the name suggests) one of the lightest oaks available. This lighter colour means that it can be treated to match any other existing wood that you may have in your household. (Shown Right)

ClearCut Staircase with All Oak String


Introduce Walnut

A luxurious, chocolatey brown that exemplifies both taste and style, it is easy to see how customers fall for the charm and finesse offered by walnut ClearCut Stairs. You could always request for the staircase be designed using only walnut or walnut with pine strings to be painted, much the same as with the oak. If you are looking to add an additional element of extravagance to your hallway, this could be the option for you. (Shown Right)

A ClearCut Staircase in Walnut

What Can We Do For You?

That’s our brief guide to ClearCut stairs, I hope that this has given you a good overview of the options available! If you have any more questions, or would like a quote for a ClearCut stair please feel free to email us using or call us on 01782 832555 and we would be happy to have a chat about your needs. Or if you would like to design a staircase online yourself then check out our online StairBuilder app.

Would you like to see a little more about ClearCut stairs? Not a problem, check out this Case Study- ClearCut A Modern Cut String Staircase, you’ll get to see a full transformation from start to finish.