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A little help, but why not call us?

Help and Guides

We at StairBox don't just provide a fantastic product, but also a Service that you simply cannot find elsewhere. We always aim to provide the best support possible, with friendly, expert help from an experienced team that, unlike a lot of online companies currently, is all based in house. We understand that not all of our customers are technically minded so if you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.
If you need a little practical help, check out our Guides and Tips Sections, they go through everything that you could need to know about choosing, designing and assembling your stairs.

If you have read through this information and have been unable to find whatever you are looking for, then please Contact Us. Firstly, so that we can help you with whatever your current issue is, but additionally so that we are able to add this to our website for the next person. After all you will not be the only person searching for it and we are always looking to improve our Help and Guides.