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How Will My Staircase Arrive?

This is a simple question that a lot of other companies will dance around as they may do some bits, but others will need to be amended or cut on site. At StairBox we take as much of the hassle out of the process as possible without getting in your way. To put it simply, everything on the staircase will come ready cut and trenched, all that you will need to do is put the bits together. Everything will be supplied ready to fit with all the parts required not matter whether you have ordered your staircase through our Online Staircase Designer or over the phone with our stair design team.

Stair Carcass

Kit Form

If you don’t have great access in your property we would suggest purchasing your staircase in Kit Form. The last thing that we would want is for you to purchase a lovely new staircase from us and then not be able to get it into the house! If you choose this option your treads, risers and strings would still come to you ready cut and trenched with all required parts, it’s just that it will take a little longer to erect on site. Strings will come with bolt holes already drilled and bolts already inserted, everything in place to be fixed into the newels.

If you’re worried about the work involved when the staircase gets to you, have a browse of our Fitting Guide as well as our Staircase Top Tips page. Here we go through everything that you’ll need to do to get your staircase in place. If you have any specific questions, why not Contact Us?


If you have sufficient access we would always suggest that you purchase your flight Pre-assembled at No Extra Cost. This means that the main straight runs of the flight will come to you already assembled; treads, risers and strings. The only part of the basic staircase carcass that wouldn’t come assembled would be any turns. As we would be assembling the basic flight you can rest safe in the knowledge that the element assembled here will be done to the highest quality. Strings will come with bolt holes ready drilled and bolts already inserted, everything in place to be fixed into the newels.



Newel Posts

Newels will come at the correct length, with all trenching and drilling already completed ready to accept any treads, risers, strings and handrails. We will have also determined which newels need to go to ground and designed the flight with this in mind, should you need any further newels to go to ground please contact us on 01782 832555 and we will happily look into this for you. If you have ordered any landing newel posts these will not be touched and will be 1.5m length, if you need anything different again please feel free to call us on 01782 832555.

pretrenched oak newel post


Handrails and Baserails

As we know the exact dimensions and pitch of your staircase we would cut your handrail to the exact lengths and angles required. Your Handrails will even be ready drilled and contain the bolts making the attachment to the newel even simpler on site. Landing handrail will be sent to the length requested, but beyond that we would not touch your landing balustrade. This is largely because there are so many options on site for your landing balustrade that can easily need a tweak or change when other items are in place.

pine Handrails and Baserails cut to angle



We will cut your spindles to angle and length required for your staircase at this end, as such you would simply need to pop them into place on site, no time consuming sawing required on site! We would also work out the exact number of spindles required, so no guessing required. If you have ordered a length of landing balustrade on our StairBuilder, we would send you the appropriate number of spindles for the length of balustrade requested. Again, these would have no work done to them, but as they are for your landing they shouldn’t need any.

oak spindle cut to angle


We hope that this gives you a good idea as to exactly how your staircase will arrive. Though if you have any questions or queries about how your Staircase will arrive, please feel free to Contact StairBox and our experienced advisors will be more than happy to talk through any queries with you.