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Anthony and Darren share their staircase experience from StairBox

Posted by alex on September 5th, 2016

Dear Joe

Lovely to hear from you and we are more than happy to share our experiences with you.

Choosing suppliers and products as you know is a flipping nightmare and yes, we did make a few bitter mistakes. I’m very pleased to say though that choosing Stairbox certainly wasn’t one of them.

We are really thrilled with our staircase and had absolutely no regrets using Stairbox. We met them at one of the shows and they were very approachable. We met Simon Drew there, one of the managers, and it was actually him we dealt with throughout the process. The price was very competitive, under the £3500 mark ; we’d originally thought it would be a lot more, considering the high spec of it.

We first saw a Stairbox staircase at the Carpenter Oak show house, home of their financial director, Lee Manning. We fell in love with it and knew we wanted one!! Lee spoke really highly of them so we went on his recommendation. He’s really knowledgeable and gave us the thumbs up on a lot of suppliers, so that was good enough for us and we never looked back.

So in short, yes, do go with them, the service is also excellent. We had a few challenges installing the staircase (they don’t actually do the installation). We had our builder here scratching his head; I rang Simon on the Friday morning and by lunchtime he was here to sort it out! Excellent! That’s what I call service (shame the rest of the build wasn’t the same!!). That said, don’t quote me on that being the norm’ as Simon was in the neighbourhood at the times we are close to their HQ. I do always say though, its not the nature of the problem that you need to worry about, but how they handle it!!

We certainly weren’t disappointed!

All the best, do let us know how you get on!

Kind regards

Anthony and Darren