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Burbidge Elements Staircase

Posted by Tina on January 12th, 2016

Burbidge Elements

Here we have a beautiful closed oak staircase in a beautifully modern setting.

While the basic staircase is a fantastic object to behold I would suggest that the spindles are the star of the show here. So let’s delve into those first of all:-

Burbidge Elements 1

The Burbidge Elements range bridges the gap between Modern Classic and Period Properties, taking the classic style of wrought iron spindles and catapulting it into the modern day with an impressive variety of designs to ensure that there is something
to suit every home.

This system works to create a lovely clean look and provides an attractive alternative to a potentially chunkier wooden alternatives.

You are able to choose from a wide variety of metal spindle designs, ranging from strictly period designs, right through to post modern turnings that wouldn’t look out of place in the most cutting edge settings. Additionally these spindles are to be
used with a pre-drilled White Oak base rails and hand rails. This ensures a snug, solid fit that seamlessly blends with the overall design of your flight.

Burbidge Elements 4


A subtle, but important, addition to this flight is the inclusion of Stop Chamfered oak newel posts. This adds an element of delicacy to the newel posts, making them appear a little more slender. As such the newels don’t look to overbearing which is
always a worry when using such thin spindles. Striking a geometric balance is always important which such an impressive staircase.

Burbidge Elements 5

Feature Treads

As a general rule, when a staircase is open on both sides at the bottom, as this is here, we would aim to make the staircase symmetrical. However, in some cases this is not suitable or even possible and this is just such an occasion. On the left side (as you look at the staircase from the bottom looking up) we have a curtail and bullnose whereas on the right hand side you can see just a bullnose.

This was done, in this case, so as to ensure that the staircase did not protrude in front of a door that is just out of view here. As with all our staircases, everything is bespoke and therefore unique, made to suit your tastes and situation.

Burbidge Elements 6

Galleried Landing

One fantastic aspect of this staircase is the galleried landing that overlooks the hallway below. When you consider that the main alternative to this would be building a wall to block the staircase and room from one another, this instead creates an additional
feature to complement the large open room upstairs and allows additional light to move through the room unimpeded.

Interestingly there are two levels to the upper floor, this has lead to the landing balustrade being set to slightly different heights so as to comply with Building Regulations. Creating a positive flow through the household in this fashion is invaluable,
and something that interior designers constantly strive to perfect. However here we see it achieved effortlessly and with style and finess.

Burbidge Elements 2Burbidge Elements 3


If you are looking to purchase a fantastic staircase such as this then feel free to check out our StairBuilder, here you are able to design a staircase in full 3D and create something beautiful that will serve your needs. Should you need anything further,
feel free to give us a call on 01782 832555 or email us using
hello@stairbox.com, we’d be more than happy to give you a hand.

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