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Make space for your new staircase

Posted by Tina on February 14th, 2018


Many people often worry that they’ll struggle to find their dream staircase because they have an awkward space or shaped room.


This is where our online staircase designer is so effective. You can input your exact specifications and select a staircase style which is adaptable to your space. It could be that you need a corner staircase or you may need to reposition one.


Stairs don’t have to just be functional, you can create a centrepiece whether you have a wide open space to play with or just a corner in a room.


Mid-room staircase


If your existing staircase currently sits in the middle of an open room then it could really lend itself to becoming a real centrepiece without taking up too much space.


By removing the riser you can create a more open plan feel. And to take it to the next level, why not consider embedded or clamped glass panels. If you look at this staircase this customer has used both options and it gives an airy, light feel to the room, stopping the room feeling crowded.


Under stairs space


The space under your stairs can be used to your benefit. Forget the days when it’s blocked in or made into the “under stairs cupboard”. Open up your living space like this customer has and use the space more effectively.

You now have the ability to design your staircase so it’s more aesthetically pleasing. Like this staircase you can make the stringer look attractive and luxurious. Timber stairs always look stunning as long as the wood is finished well and this combination of glass, wood and paint here make the stairs seem more like an extravagance than a necessity.


Space Savers


A space saver staircase can only be used in certain circumstances but it could be a real winner in the right place. For example, loft stairs. These don’t have to be eyesores. Our Space Savers are incredibly popular for loft conversions and customers have the option of a right or left first step.


These really are the ideal staircase for awkward spaces because you would generally use these in a small area. Now you have the option of having a beautiful staircase with only half the length of a normal flight.

Of course, you can only use Space Savers if they lead to one room and one ensuite and if you’re not sure whether or not you can install one, we have a great guide on our website.

If you’re interested in designing your staircase visit our Staircase designer function on the website