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Oak & Chrome, Open Riser Stairs

Posted by Tina on January 12th, 2016

Oak and Chrome, Open Riser

Oak and Chrome, Open Riser 3

Often, we find that customer believe that they have two options in staircases: Timber and metal. Well today we present you with proof that there is something inbetween, a beautiful marriage of the two that is greater than the sum of its parts.

This staircase is a testament to the mentality that stairs need not be a dull and drab element of your household, but instead be a work of art. A centrepiece to your home and a focal point around which the rest of the environment is built. This staircase isn’t content to blend in, but instead stands out and proclaims itself to the world.

Oak and Chrome, Open Riser 1

Open Plan

When you choose an open plan staircase, you are presented a choice the answers to which are all aimed at tackling one issue, the gap between treads. In order to comply with UK Regulations, a staircase may not have a gap greater than 100mm at any point of a flight. This may not sound like a great issue, however it does present the question of how would you like this gap to be plugged? One manner of plugging this gap that is often seen is to use a half riser, this lessens the gaps and creates the impression of a thicker chunkier tread. However, the way that hurdle is avoided here is to instead use thin chrome rod, this lessens the gap however also contrasts with the solid white oak used elsewhere in the flight while also complimenting the chrome spindles and newel details.

Oak and Chrome, Open Riser 6

Axxys Range

The balustrade used in this staircase is a part of the Axxys range of spindles, handrails and newels. These are made by Cheshire Mouldings, a company that we have a great relationship with and we are always happy to assist customers with their ranges as well as providing great quotes on their items. Here, as the staircase also has chrome risers, the newel details and spindles fit in fantastically and really show off the flight as well as standing proud of the plain surroundings.

Oak and Chrome, Open Riser 2

Open and Closed

A quirk with this staircase is that the flight is only open for the first straight portion. So while this creates a really impressive opening to the flight, this saves funds on the upper parts of the stair. Additionally, as the upper parts of the flight are immediately above another room, this would not be intrusive and means that the basic layout of the house need not be altered nor does the design and style of the flight need to be handicapped in any way.

Oak and Chrome, Open Riser 5

If you are thinking about ordering a staircase we would usually suggest using our StairBuilder, using this app you are able to design your staircase from scratch and specify all elements of it including landing balustrade! However, with a flight such as this, we would suggest you  contact us via hello@stairbox.com or call us on 01782 832555. That way we can have a chat about your needs and create something that is perfect for your home.

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