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Say goodbye to the staircase creak

Posted by Tina on February 2nd, 2018

Now we’re well into the New Year, it’s time to start thinking about fixing that creaking staircase that’s been bothering you for months. 

Usually, the noise comes from the tread rubbing against the riser or stringer and it might sound like the whole staircase is creaking but more often than not it’s being caused by just one or two treads.  

If you have access to the underneath of your staircase, you might be able alleviate the creak. If you can identify which tread is the culprit, take a look at the wedges or glue blocks. They may have loosened so should be knocked back in and reinforced with glue or replaced. Pick up a new timber wedge and tap the new one into the riser and tread joint. 

For extra stability put in a flat steel corner brace joining the riser and tread and for extra stability, put one under every tread on both sides.  

Of course, this isn’t an easy fix if you don’t have access to under the stairs.   

The best solution is to install a new flight. This means you don’t have to pull out the whole staircase and you have a more permanent solution in the long run. With our staircase builder you can design the new flights to the exact spec so the craftsmen who are installing it can ensure the treads are fitted properly, therefore eliminating the creak altogether.

Find out more about our staircase builder here.