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Steve’s great value staircase

Posted by alex on December 19th, 2017

Hello Stairbox team

I am just writing to express my total satisfaction with the staircase you recently delivered. I am a Mechanical Design Engineer by trade and was initially impressed with your free 3D software which enabled me to design and visualise the staircase needed for my restoration and refurbishment of a Victorian terraced house c1898. Some of the neighbours have added rooms in the roof and have had to add roof extensions to accommodate the stairs but I was determined not to have a flat top roof and wanted to keep costs low, so only added Velux windows. With careful positioning of the uniquely designed stairs and the windows this has been achieved.

Value for money was incredible, bespoke design of a 3m staircse with a RH turn, manufacture and delivery, by a very helpful driver, for £420 including VAT. AMAZING!

Originally I was looking at a self assembly staircase kit from another supplier that was going to cost approx £800 and every item of the staircase would have to be cut and assembled to suit on site by myself. The thought is horrifying, I’m glad I found your site.

Using the supplied drawings I pre-prepared the site using lasers which was a bit tricky due to the nature of the building as it is built on a bend and all the walls converge to the rear of the property and over the years the back of the house has sunk somewhat. However the only fitting problem I had was overcome by chiselling the plaster at the lower corner of the staircase. After that it fitted like a glove.

Thank you very much for a fantastic service. I would highly recommend Stairbox to everybody who needs a staircase. Mine was only a simple softwood stringer design with MDF treads and risers but the Oak staircase in the back of the delivery van looked lovely.

Kind Regards