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Online Balustrade Designer

How do I measure for my new balustrade?
It's really easy to measure for your new balustrade, you just need three key measurements. Firstly, the height from the top of your stringer (or from the underside of your existing base rail) to the top of the handrail. Next, you need to measure the horizontal width between your newel posts. Finally, measure the angle as shown in the diagram in the balustrade Measuring Guide (accessed via the button in the left hand menu above) to determine the pitch of your stairs. Please remember that if you instead measure the angle from above the baserail up to the vertical newel post, then you will need to subtract this from 90 to determine the pitch of your stairs. We sell an Angle Finder in our online store to help with this process.
Can I order more than one run of balustrade?
Yes, you can order as many runs of balustrade as you like to complete your project. All you need to do is click the 'Add Run' button, enter a reference or name in the 'Label' field along with the required dimensions, and then repeat this process for the next run.
What balustrade styles are available on the balustrade planner?
You can choose glass, whether the embedded or clamped system, or a number of wooden spindle styles are available, including square, stop-chamfered, traditional Edwardian turned spindles (available in pine or oak), or our new, modern oak twist.
Am I able to choose different sized panels of glass?
Yes, the online glass balustrade designer offers a choice of either small or large panels, the size of which will depend on the length of the run. You can also choose to customise the size of the gaps between the glass panels if required.
What is the difference between embedded and clamped glass balustrade?
With the embedded glass balustrade option, the glass panels sit in grooves in the baserail and handrail, providing a seamless and secure finish. With the clamped system, the glass panels are held in place by metal clamps (included in the price), which add an extra design detail to the balustrade.
Are the clamps included in the price the online balustrade designer gives me?
Yes - any clamps you see on the design tool drawing will be included in the price.
Can you provide online help when using this tool?
Yes, we offer live support during office hours. Simply click the "Live help" button above (left hand menu) and follow the onscreen instructions.

The StairBox balustrade designer is the latest addition to our suite of online tools, created to make the process of ordering a new staircase or refurbishing your existing stairs as easy as possible. This new, groundbreaking tool allows you to plan your balustrade online, get an instant quote and purchase the required components to complete your project in just a few clicks.

The easiest way to transform an existing staircase without the mess and expense of replacing the whole flight is to simply update the balustrade, and it couldn't be easier. Our balustrade design tool allows you to design balustrades for both landing areas and the angled section of your stairs. If designing for a landing, you just need to select '0 degrees' in the Angle field of the balustrade designer.

Whether you're looking for timber spindles to paint in your colour of choice, or an ultra-modern oak and glass balustrade, our balustrade designer for stairs has all the options.

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