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With over 100 years in the joinery trade and through the utilisation of technology, we can offer a product and service which is second to none. Our Stoke-on-Trent based 100,000 sq ft factory boasts the very latest in technology for staircase manufacturing, meaning that we can ensure consistently high levels of accuracy in production. We guarantee quality workmanship and complete satisfaction with every project we undertake.

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Expertly made in the UK

Combining over 100 years of woodworking expertise with the latest technology means we can design and manufacture the perfect staircase for your home.
All our staircases are made in our Midlands based factory. They are hand finished to perfection before being assembled and delivered direct to you.

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  • Case Study: Designing a Staircase with Character

    A Complete New Build

    Billie-Jean and Mark Holden had originally planned to stay in their four-bedroom ‘forever’ home in Cheshire. But, having purchased the bungalow that was up for sale next door, and with the intention of getting planning permission to sell on, they soon had more ambitious plans to build their own oak framed home on the land to become mortgage free.

    After visiting a traditionally styled cottage built by Welsh Oak Frame, they were set on building a characterful oak f...

  • Case Study: Complete Staircase Renovation

    The Renovation Project

    This 1930’s semi-detached property was given a complete overhaul by homeowner Mr Proctor. He describes how he went about transforming the staircase as part of his renovation project:

    “The house was old and dated, and in a mess. When thinking of ways to improve the hallway, stairs and landing, a new glass balustrade on the staircase was the first thing that came to mind. Having previously worked in the staircase industry, I already had some knowledge about what could be achieved here with a staircase renovation.” (Mr Proctor)


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    Nobby Clark Nobby Clark – a month ago

    Delivered exactly when I asked, great product made to my exact measurements, I’m a chippy and so I know what’s good and what’s not. These guys make great staircases at great prices. I will use them again and again.

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    karen kavanagh karen kavanagh – 3 weeks ago

    Brilliant service from start to finish, from the initial ordering and measuring due to a complicated staircase, and delivery was on time and drivers were extremely helpful. Only issue was a piece from the staircase was missing but it was delivered a couple of days later. Would highly recommend stairbox.

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    Frenchy Frenchy – 2 months ago

    Ordered this online. Customer services were very helpful. Was really impressed by accuracy and quality of this product when it arrived. Very easy to install. Would highly recommend using this company. Thanks.

5 Ways To Open Up Your Space With a Clever Staircase Design
14 April 2021

5 Ways To Open Up Your Space With a Clever Staircase Design

Clever design and a little forward planning mean that your staircase doesn’t have to be an obstruction.

Whether you have a small home and space is at a premium, or you don’t want your new staircase to be too overbearing in a room, there are ways to open up your space with a cleverly designed staircase. 

Gone are the days of old where a staircase had to be cumbersome and take over an entire room – a staircase can be designed so as it feels as light as possible and utilises the space in your home to the maximum.

We’ve rounded up our five top tips to bring space and light into your home below…

Glass Balustrades

This goes without saying, but as glass is a transparent material, opting for a glass balustrade will visibly open up the space in your home due to the lack of a light and visibility barrier. Light can easily pass through and areas not being zoned off creates the illusion of more space – your home will flow more and rooms feel more accessible. If you opt for the embedded glass panels (instead of our chrome clamps), the glass appears to float between the base and handrail – a beautiful and simple effect.

A dog lies on the carpet in front of a glass balustrade with oak handrail.
Image courtesy of

Open Plan Risers

Another fabulous way to maximise the light passing through your stairs is to choose open plan risers. This is where each step is ‘open’ and you can see through underneath. This can be a great choice if there is open space beneath your stairs as the light can easily pass through and allows the space underneath to be fully utilised. Open plan risers would not work in the case where there is built in cupboard space underneath, or where the stairs are boarded by a wall on both sides.

Looking up an oak staircase that has open risers and embedded glass balustrades. An oak door is just visible on the landing at the top of the flight.

Hidden Storage

In order to keep your hallway, well, in order, it’s best to think about ways where you can maximise the storage in your space. Typically, the space underneath your staircase can be roomy and cleverly designed to make the most of every inch. We’d recommend talking with your builder or joiner about the best way to approach this, although it’s best to have a think about what you need from the space first. In desperate need of shoe storage? Consider building in pull-out shoe racks. Not keen on having coats hanging on your new newel post? Integrate a clothing rail so family and friends alike know that clutter has a dedicated home.

A carpeted staircase with oak details has a triangular shaped door built into the space underneath. There is a right hand turn in the flight, meaning there is also space for a full height door and cupboard.
Image courtesy of @ADConstruction_

Clever Lighting

Give the illusion of height and space by using cleverly placed lighting either along the strings or underneath the risers (if you decide on the open plan style), to add another dimension to your stairs once night falls. Not only will subtle lighting help guide the way in the evening without having to put an overhead light on, but it can also bring a new energy to the room, creating depth and height and drawing attention to your most impressive areas. 

An open plan oak staircase with embedded glass balustrades. The staircase has a righthand turn and the under side is visible. Each riser has an LED lighting strip mounted on the under side, giving a warm glow
Image courtesy of @CollardTowers

Space Saver Staircase

One popular way to open up under-utilised space in your home is by extending into the loft. Some people hesitate in making the decision to extend upwards as they worry about losing floorspace to make room for a new flight of stairs. Although the previous four tips help create the illusion of space, sometimes a physically smaller staircase is the only solution – this is where our Space Saver stairs come in. Also known as ‘paddle stairs’, the footprint of this kind of flightis much less than a normal flight. A Space Saver is not an alternative to a regular flight of stairs as there are rules and regulations in place which state the specific circumstances in which they can be used in the home. However, if you are extending upwards for a guest room or hobby hideaway, a Space Saver can be the ideal solution.

Angled from the bottom of the flight, the oak alternating 'paddle' treads are rise up the flight.

The Perfect Solution for Your Home

Our award-winning customer service team are on hand to discuss your thoughts, ideas and inspiration to make sure your staircase design is perfect for your home. Call us on 01782 832555 or email us on to chat with us and design your staircase today.

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