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Stair Treads: Oak cladding for stair treads

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Updating your Stair Treads

Our oak tread and riser cladding is an innovative product that can easily transform your existing staircase.

Most basically, the stair tread is the "step" or part of the staircase trodden upon. Staircase treads can include a decorative feature called "nosing", typically applied to the edge of of the stair tread.

Are your stair treads looking tired?

If your stair treads are looking tired or you've previously had carpeted stairs and want to move to an oak finish, our cladding kit is ideal for covering your current staircase to achieve a modern oak look without having to remove your old stair treads and risers.

There are multiple types of staircase treads. These include standard wooden staircase treads and winder staircase treads

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Can you make oak stair treads at custom sizes?
Our oak tread and riser stair cladding is available in select sizes, as specified here.
How do you fit the stair tread and riser cladding?
We supply battens which fix to your existing risers and sit flush with the nosing of your treads. The new treads and risers can then be fitted over the top of this and glued into position using a timber glue.
How do I clad a winder stair tread or quarter landing?
We offer an item called a tread extension kit. This fixes onto the back edge of the treads from the cladding kit using a tongue and groove connection, extending the depth of the tread. Multiple tread extensions can be fitted onto the back of each other to create a landing if required.
What glue should I use to fit the tread and riser cladding?
We recommend Fast Bond PU adhesive, available to purchase from our online Stair Parts shop.
Do you sell oak treads or risers individually?
The treads and risers come as a combined package available in either a single pack (one tread, one riser) or three-pack.

Got a question about stair treads? We're here to help.

Whilst we've made it easy to design and order your staircase online, our experienced team are on hand to answer any questions you have and can assist you through each stage of the process.
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