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Timbond PU RAPID is a fast setting gap filling gel polyurethane adhesive that is thixotropic and transparent. This is an extremely  rapid bonding product which makes it ideal where extremely fast, high strength bonds are required.

Easy to apply, Timbond PU Rapid has many applications include internal and external joinery, high class cabinet making, timber frame construction, boat building etc. For use on most timbers, boards and many other construction materials.

310ml Cartridge

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Our Reviews

  • Terry Leake Terry Leake – a month ago

    Brilliant service from start to finish which is rare today.

  • Edward Ashley Edward Ashley – a month ago

    Stairs as described and measurements all correct. Pleasant people to deal with.

  • Kristian Harder Kristian Harder – 2 months ago

    Great online tool to design your staircase, well organized delivery, very helpful driver, and lots of documentation and instructions. It's not the first staircase I bought here, and it won't be the last. Thank you!