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Oak Stairs: a premium, natural material

With durability and natural beauty, oak is an ideal material for staircase construction.

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Why choose an oak staircase?

Oak's strength and durability, coupled with its natural beauty, make it an ideal material for staircase construction.

A versatile hardwood, oak has been used in construction and furniture making for hundreds of years and is particularly suited to oak staircases. We use only the highest quality oak in the manufacturing of our oak staircases, ensuring a premium final product. You can also rest assured that our timber comes from legal and sustainable sources.

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About Oak Staircases

An oak staircase is a timeless design choice and will work well in a variety of home interiors – oak staircases can range from contemporary and minimal, to rustic and characterful.

Oak stairs combined with a glass balustrade results in a slick, modern aesthetic; whereas opting for oak spindles can completely change the feel of an oak staircase, with traditional and more contemporary options available. If you’re looking for an extra details, opt for oak staircases combined with a glass balustrade with chrome clamps.

We offer both standard construction and open plan staircases in oak.

To let the natural grain and colour of this beautiful timber take centre stage, oak stairs are usually finished with an oil or wax. You can read more about how to best treat your oak staircase here. Some customers also choose to install a stair runner to bridge the gap between the comfort of carpet and the look of oak stairs.

Due to the nature of oak as a hardwood material, an oak staircase is a tough and durable. Therefore an oak staircase is resilient to scratches and dents.

An oak staircase is instantly recognisable and can create a stunning centerpiece in your home.

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Oak Stair Parts

If your existing staircase is structurally sound but needs updating aesthetically, we also offer a range of oak cladding kits which can transform your existing stairs into an oak staircase masterpiece.
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What type of oak do you use?
We use European white oak sourced from various countries across Europe.
Is your oak veneered? Does it have a different material at the core?
All of our engineered oak products are made from 100% oak. Our risers are veneered, however all other elements of the staircase are constructed of engineered oak which has a good, solid layer of oak over a multipart core for stability. This makes it far less susceptible to movement and other defects that raw timber is prone to.
Do you offer solid oak?
The benefits of using engineered timber far outweigh the benefits of using solid oak, which is why we only use engineered oak in our products. Benefits of engineered oak include:
  • Strength and stability: engineered timber provides a more stable product which is far less likely to twist, split or warp.
  • Sustainability: using engineered timber is far more sustainable than using solid oak.
  • Cost effectiveness: engineered oak is much more cost effective than solid oak as the manufacturing process allows for more efficient use of raw materials, reducing waste and optimising production.
  • Consistency and quality: unlike solid oak, engineered oak is produced in controlled factory environments, ensuring consistent quality and performance.
Should I get my walls plastered before or after fitting the staircase?
We recommend fitting your staircase into a newly plastered stairwell which has had chance to fully dry. Water and timber do not mix well. Exposure to moisture can weaken the adhesive bonds that hold the layers of timber together, leading to the material warping or splitting. If untreated timber is exposed to moisture, any watermarks are very difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of. We advise applying a suitable finish (oil / lacquer / varnish / paint) to the timber as soon as possible after receiving delivery.
What should I finish my oak staircase with?
We recommend a product called Treatex Hardwax Oil. For a finish which keeps the colour of the oak looking as close to natural as possible, the ULTRA Clear Natural hardwax oil (available in our Stair Parts shop) is a good choice. Apply this product as a base coat, with a further coat of ULTRA Clear Matt on top as a final coat.
How often do you need to reapply the finish?
How often you should treat your stairs once installed depends on the level of usage. Once the initial two coats have been applied, Treatex Hardwax Oil ULTRA will give many years of protection, providing the stairs are regularly cleaned and maintained. We offer Treatex Surface Cleaner for easy cleaning and maintenance of timber treated with Treatex Hardwax Oil.
Should I finish my oak staircase before or after fitting it?
You should initially apply hardwax oil to your oak staircase before installation; this will protect and seal the wood from dirty hand and footprints and other marks before you start to use it on a regular basis. It will also protect the staircase from the adverse effects of moisture ingress which could cause damage to your stairs.
How easy is it to stain oak different colours?
Oak is an easier woods to stain and is very versatile. We supply all of our timber unfinished so you can achieve the final look you desire with a product of your choice. If you want to retain the natural look of the oak, we suggest finishing it with Treatex Hardwax Oil ULTRA Clear Natural.

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