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Oak Stairs

Oak stairs: a premium, natural material

Oak's strength and durability, coupled with its natural beauty, make it an ideal material for staircase construction.

A versatile hardwood, oak has been used in construction and furniture making for hundreds of years. We use only the highest quality oak in the manufacturing of our staircases, ensuring a premium final product. You can also rest assured that our timber comes from legal and sustainable sources.

An oak staircase is a timeless design choice and will work well in a variety of home interiors – from contemporary and minimal, to rustic and characterful. Oak stairs combined with a glass balustrade results in a slick, modern aesthetic; whereas opting for oak spindles can completely change the feel of an oak staircase, with traditional and more contemporary options available. We offer both standard construction and open plan staircases in oak.

To let the natural grain and colour of this beautiful timber take centre stage, oak stairs are usually finished with an oil or wax. You can read more about how to best treat your oak staircase here. Some customers also choose to install a stair runner to bridge the gap between the comfort of carpet and the look of oak stairs.

If your existing staircase is structurally sound but needs updating aesthetically, we also offer a range of oak cladding kits which can be used to transform your existing stairs into an oak masterpiece.

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