Benefits Of Using Winder Stairs

StairBox Kite Winder Staircase
14 June 2019

Be it a business owner or homeowners, most of the people wish to make a striking visual statement in the terms of entrance areas of their commercial property or home, when a customer or guest walks in. Your stunning staircase often is the first impression which is made on the person, for most residential staircases at least. So, winder stairs can be the best option.

Winder stairs bring to our mind long, winding stairs in a medieval castle or perhaps a stylish feature of a classy house. Today, winder stairs more frequently are seen and can easily make a helpful addition to any typical home. The primary benefit winder staircase has over having a flat landing is its space-saving abilities. A straight staircase, for example, which is 3 feet wide and 18 feet high, fills around 105 sq feet of your space, while a winder staircase of same proportions fills 45 sq feet of space only. The smaller quantity of space requisite by winder stair ( 3 winder or 6 winder) also means that it rarely dominates a room, which at times happens with L-shaped and straight stairs.


Kite Winders

Many people love the looks of kite winder stairs and think that they give air of romance in the room or space. If built indoors, these stairs create an excellent means of offering entry to lofts. These stairs work well often in outdoor setting, such as fire escape, and to provide access to areas like widow’s walks. They’ve long history of outdoor and indoor use in the commercial applications, like accessing skywalks and catwalks.

You can use winder stair to alter the restrictions of tight space into dramatic looking stair systems. The usage of wedge cut stride creates “L” shaped turn which makes efficient usage of square footages and will optimize appearance of the hall. Winder stair use polygons shape to outline steps or some type of triangular patterns which if properly used, creates a tremendously nice looking stairs set. When building Winder stair keep in mind your areas’ building code and minimum inner tread width. Such stairs can be risky to walk on when not properly built. There are the stair runners which can be attached on to any stairs set if you begin having problem walking up as well as down the wooden stairs. There also are slip resistant mats and materials that can be linked to the stair tread for increased security. Triangle or Pie shaped treads are utilized for winder stairs.


If you are looking for a staircase, be that with or without a winder, then look no further than our Online Staircase Designer, this app gives you the full toolset required to design your bespoke staircase in no time. If you need a little help then give us a call on 01782 832555 and our helpful advisors will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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