Carpeting Your Staircase

Solid Oak Stairs
14 June 2019

Having a new staircase installed that you’d like to carpet?

Many people opt for some form of carpeting which can really bring a staircase to life.

Choosing a carpet can be difficult and there’s so many things to consider. So, here’s our top tips to help you choose the right carpet for your stairs.


Consider the following before getting started:

  • Budget – Think about how much you’d like to spend. Aim to invest in a good quality carpet
  • Durability – Be sure to opt for one that is suitable for high traffic areas. A staircase gets a lot of foot fall and you want your carpet to last so you need a good quality, hard-wearing carpet
  • Thickness – Thinner carpets are more durable, whereas thicker carpets flatten quickly.
  • Soil resistant carpet – These are good for busy stairs. If you don’t have a soil resistant carpet you can get a stain resistant carpet. Ask your supplier what your options are.
  • Think about your current interior – What look are you trying to achieve? Take a look at our gallery for inspiration. Ideally, you should ensure the colour and style suits your current décor as a carpet can change your entire interior.


Choose the type of stair covering

Typically, when you think of carpeting a staircase, you imagine one fully carpeted run. But this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Here are some designs we love if you don’t want a full carpeted staircase:

  • Stair runner

Show off your stairs by using a stair runner, making your staircase look sleek it also helps to reduce noise whilst being comfortable underfoot.

If you are using a carpet runner you will need to opt for solid timber treads in either pine or oak when ordering your new staircase.

  • Deep routed carpet treads

Give your stairs the wow factor with this modern, stylish and intelligent design. A fantastic way to showcase your stairs with carpeted treads and bare wooden risers.

  • Carpeted treads

e love the design our customer Peter Langsdale went for. The beautiful wood is still showcased on the risers but the treads are carpeted. It’s a fantastic idea which decreases the risk of slipping as well as reducing noise – not to mention how stylish it looks.


If you are carpeting the tread, you can order MDF treads for your stairs – these are adequate for the job providing it’s a standard domestic staircase.


Decide on colour

Pale colours will make the space look bigger but can mark very easily (if they’re not stain resistant). Dark carpets can create a great atmosphere but think about whether it will make your room look smaller. Use the same logic as you would when painting your walls.


If you have any questions or you would like more advice on finishing your staircase, call us on 01782 608472. To purchase additional staircase parts, shop online and check out our GlassBuilder where you can design your own contemporary glass balustrade.