Fix a Handrail to a Newel Post – RailFix Kit

Handrail Fixing to Newel Post
14 June 2019

When you are looking to fix a handrail to a newel post on your landing, there are a lot of options. Unfortunately, a good portion of these require some joinery knowledge and the use of pretty expensive tooling.

That’s not what StairBox has been about all these years.

StairBox has built itself on the idea that anyone can put up a staircase with a little help from us. However, landing handrails have often been a bit of a sticking point. The fact is that while there have been ways to fix your handrail to a newel post, they have been a little technical or messier than we would have liked, leading to plugs being used and sometimes even odd jointing methods.

Not any longer.

We supply a RailFix kit. With this, anyone is able to fix a handrail to a newel post using a tape measure, pencil, drill and screwdriver. Quite simply, this gets rid of the need for any joinery knowledge and allows anyone to quickly and safely to erect their landing balustrade. And, even better, if you have ordered landing handrail with your staircase, you will get a RailFix kit. At no extra cost. Simple.


How the RailFix Kit works

As you can see, the process is simple, fast and suitable in lots of scenarios.

A handrail to newel fixing kit is such a simple concept, but up until now the there hasn’t been a solution that we would class as fit for purpose. So to finally be able to offer such a simple system to our customers, both in our Stair Parts Store, but also being able to supply them at no extra cost to all customers buying a staircase with landing balustrade is fantastic. our customers finally have a simple method of erecting their landing balustrade, no joinery knowledge required.

Let’s look at the process in a little more detail:

Step 1

Once your newels are securely fixed in place, choose the height of your handrail (the minimum height for building regulations is 900mm). Next mark a point an inch or so lower than the top of your handrail, centrally on the post, you will need to put a corresponding mark centrally on the end of the handrail.


Step 2

You can now drill a 30mm Diameter hole just 6mm deep ready to accept the fixing plate, using the 3 screws provided fix the hook plate, making sure it’s nice and secure. You will want to leave the locking clip off while checking the handrail is a snug fit or if you are temporarily fitting your handrail.


Step 3

Next, pre-drill your handrail and drive the screw in through the washer. Apply glue to the joint before slotting the handrail into the hook plate, you should feel this click into place.

And that’s it, your handrail should now be securely attached to your newel post. All that’s left to do is finish your staircase!


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