How to protect your wooden stairs against daily use

Full oak staircase
14 June 2019

Just had a stunning new wooden staircase fitted?

Here’s our top tips on how to keep it looking new and prevent damage.


Apply Varnish or Oil

If you’ve not already carpeted or painted your wooden staircase, you should apply a varnish or oil as soon as possible (before any dirty or sticky fingerprints appear!). This will maintain a high-quality appearance and prevent any permanent marks or stains. We suggest using one of the following:

Wood Oil –the most common preservers for wooden stairs and just a couple of coats can last for years. When you apply the oil, the woods pores soak it up which helps reduce how much water is absorbed, preventing the wood from rotting and keeping it strong.

Polyurethane Varnish – a clear water based polyurethane varnish is the simplest to use. Apply it with a brush but bear in mind it dries quickly so make sure you work fast. The second coat can be applied within 24 hours and it dries to a hard and durable finish.

Hard Wax Oils – a blend of wax and oil that gives a waterproof finish that doesn’t peel. Once it has been applied it will dry in 4-6 hours and there’s no need for reapplication or to varnish the wood. However, make sure your house is well ventilated when applying because the fumes can be strong.

Remember to always read instructions carefully so that you understand what to do with the preserver you have chosen.

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Keep Clean

Your new staircase will preserve its appearance best when regularly cleaned. Simply hoover or brush the treads, then wipe down newel posts, balustrades and spindels with a damp cloth. This is a simple but effective way of maintaining your staircase.


Avoid Shoe Damage

Another simple way to keep your staircase protected is to remove heeled shoes before walking on them, as this could cause irreversible damage to the wood. Alternatively, you could carpet your stairs to prevent shoe damage.

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