How to take the best photos of your new staircase

10 February 2020

Congratulations on your new staircase. We hope that you are delighted with the results. Now that it has been installed, we would love to show it off in our online gallery.

This information is here to help you take the best possible staircase picture so that we can ensure a standardised consistent approach and ensure that your staircase is set off in its best light.

5 Quick Picture Taking Tips

Landscape not Portrait – Please take pictures in landscape mode to make sure that the image can be clearly seen. (Wider images are better than tall ones as cropping will occur when publishing photos on the website).

Bigger is better – Ensure your images are at least 1920x1080px in size

Let there be light – There’s nothing worse than a dark grainy image. Ensure that the light source is behind you or that the room is well-lit and the camera flash in auto mode.

Have a steady hand – Holding the camera steady will avoid any blurry images and enable any viewers to the site to see all the details clearly. You have a great looking staircase so you’ll want to show it off with a clear picture!

Two sides to every story – Take shots from different sides of your staircase and from a slight angle to show all its bespoke features clearly.
Why not take a look at these examples for inspiration?

Bigger Photos
A bigger photo clearly shows all of the detail of the high-quality workmanship in its best light which is lost in a smaller picture. The same staircase can look small, dark and uninviting or light and airy with its quality features on full display just by adding light and size to give a more accurate representation of its dimensions. If there is no natural light, flicking the switch on can make all the difference too!

Standard angles
A bottom up photo can help capture the incoming light as well as the reflective properties of the glass- these give a much better idea of the sense of space as well as the warmth and welcoming feel to a hallway that an oak and glass staircase can provide.

Quirky angles
A top down photo can also work well- drawing the eye to the quality of the wood and joinery detail. In this photo, these are cleverly framed by the wall pictures which provide a warm welcoming feel.

Side view
A side on photo can work well- this one displays the quality work that has gone into refurbishing this staircase (you would never know that it’s been refurbished rather than brand new!)

Inspired? Do take your photos and send them in!

We are looking for images like these that show off the effect a new or refurbished staircase has had on your home. Whether you have had a complete Oak and Glass replacement stair or have opted for something simpler, we want to see it. When done well, even the simplest design can have an impressive impact.