Introducing the New Modern Choice Range

New Modern Choice Rails
22 July 2019

Modern Choice is the new and exclusive StairBox range of engineered oak stair rails for embedded and clamped glass balustrades.

The new design provides a great improvement for customers purchasing any glass balustrade – whether it’s for a complete staircase, single glass balustrades or individual stair parts.

About Modern Choice

Featuring slimline profiles, the Modern Choice range is both sleek and minimalistic. The innovative design of these handrails and baserails improves the overall appearance of the staircase and surrounding space by allowing maximum light to travel through the clear glass panels in the balustrade.

The Modern Choice design is available on all standard construction and loft staircases, and can also be purchased as individual stair parts.

These rails are manufactured from FSC approved engineered oak and are available in two types; grooved for embedded glass and ungrooved for clamped glass.

Replacing the ClearChoice Range

Modern Choice will now replace the ClearChoice range, which was our previously recommended rail of choice for glass balustrades. ClearChoice rails will still be available to purchase online for a limited time only.

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