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After Oak Stair Newel Cladding
14 June 2019

Almost 5 years ago we released our very own newel cladding. This line has gone on to be very successful and we have had a lot of happy customers. But, in the meantime, our technical team has been hard at work improving upon our previous cladding design in order to ensure that our newel post cladding is as perfect as it can possibly be. We are happy to tell you that they succeeded.

On our previous newel post cladding design, there were lots of notches in the edge that sat against the original newel post. Now, this was a way to get around the fact that wood will naturally fluctuate with heat and moisture and would ensure that it didn’t warp over time. While this worked, it wasn’t ideal as it showed end grain, something that a lot of our competitor’s Cladding still does. Now we have been able to do away with these and create four solid pieces of European Oak that are even thicker to slot into one another and sit around the newel.


Newel Cladding, Perfected

In addition, we have also altered the manner in which all four separate pieces of European Oak were joined at all edges. We were very proud of the original design and genuinely didn’t believe that we would be able to improve upon it, but a little simplicity and out of the box thinking from a few of our technicians has lead to a design that it not only strong and stable but also almost invisible. Our newel cladding can be purchased here. Each piece of cladding is 15mm thick, adding an additional 30mm onto the overall dimensions of the newel post, creating a really substantial post. Please note that we would always recommend this to be fitted by a joiner and sanded down after fitting to get that perfect finish.


 Take a look below. You will see that the join on the corners is very nearly gone altogether as each piece is pulling the next towards it. This creates a stronger overall bond and leads to a more solid structure.


StairBox Newel Cladding-Close up







A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

While it is all well and good providing technical information about the latest system, a picture paints a thousand words. Let’s have a look at one of our very happy customers:

Newel Cladding with Glass - Finished Result

Newel Cladding with Glass - Finished Result

Here you can see the seamless new Newel Cladding System at work. Would you believe that these were previously large turned newel posts?

If you were wanting to make that drastic alteration to your staircase but don’t see the point in replacing your whole flight, then this would be the way to go. Keep your existing staircase, clad your newels, replace just your balustrade and reap the rewards with a genuine ‘wow!’ factor.

Our Newel Cladding can be purchased here. 

Please note that we would always recommend this to be fitted by a joiner and sanded down after fitting to get that perfect finish.


Any Cladding Questions?

If you are playing about with the idea of refreshing your staircase with a new balustrade, you cannot go far wrong with our newel cladding kits. Feel free to have a look through our gallery for inspiration and should you have any questions or queries please email or call us on 01782 832555 and one of our trained advisors would be more than happy to assist.