The perfect finish to your renovation

14 June 2019

Your house is under renovation, there are builders everywhere and your hoping you remembered to sort all the components that need completing. But have you considered replacing or refurbishing your staircase?

As an integral part of your home, your staircase should fit in with your newly renovated home, so taking the time to consider what you’d like your staircase to look like will make a huge difference to the space.

Whilst going through a renovation project, it’s the perfect time to design your dream staircase – and with StairBox, it couldn’t be easier!

Our online StairBuilder allows you design your stairs to fit the space perfectly (even down to the last millimetre) and with our helpful team of experts, you can even add in a few bespoke finishes – such as open plan or metal components.

Alternatively, if you’re not looking to replace or add a staircase, you could give your existing staircase a complete makeover using our GlassBuilder for adding a glass balustrade, Newel Cladding Kit for refurbishing your newel posts or add a range of new stair parts which can be found in our online shop.


Staircase Ideas

There are so many options with a new or refurbished staircase, so we’ve put together our favourite features and finishing touches to inspire you.

StairBright by StairBox

Offer an inviting glow to your home with these built in LED lights on your stairs. StairBright LEDs are low and flush to your stairs allowing a soft shine of light to highlight the tread and risers on your stairs meaning a soft glow will guide your way upstairs at night.

Feature Spaces

Get creative and use that spare space underneath your new stairs to really bring out your personality and style. Some of our StairBox customers have had some great ideas, but these are some of our favourites!

We loved the innovative design by Sean Matthews Carpentry to incorporate a wine cellar into the underside of his client’s staircase. Its elegant design is the perfect accompaniment to any wine-loving household.

Give your pooches their own little pride of place by kitting out your spare space into the perfect chill-out zone. John Jordan did just that for his dogs with the alcove underneath his StairBox staircase.

If you’re a lover of books then turn the underside of your stairs into the perfect tranquil zone. Ruth Cahill has the perfect example of how to settle down with a good book after a long day of adventures.

However, if you just need a bit of extra storage space or somewhere to hang up your raincoats when summer comes then follow in the footsteps of Alan Hassell and build a little cupboard in the bottom of your stairs.

For more inspirational ideas, take a look at our gallery.

Head on over to our StairBuilder now to start designing the perfect addition to your renovated home or call us on 01782 608 472 to get all the advice you need on your staircase dreams.