Staircase Fixing Kit - Stair Parts


Staircase Fixing Kit

The perfect kit to help you to fit your staircase.

What's included?

  • Quick Setting Expanding Foam
  • 2 x Tubes of Wood Adhesive
  • 6mm Hammer Drill Bit
  • 1 x 5mm hexagon bit to fit a drill
  • 14 x Concrete screws
  • 14 x Large Newel Wood Screws (5x80mm)*
  • 50 x Small Riser-Tread Wood Screws (5x40mm)*


Containing only Industry-grade materials, this kit contains everything that you need to fit and fix your staircase!

*Screw length may vary depending on supplier availability but will be lengths stated wherever possible.

  • Nationwide Delivery
  • 7-10 day Turnaround*
  • Team Helpdesk†
    • *7-10 working days is our average lead time on staircases
    • † Team helpdesk available during opening hours