White Primed Square Spindle 41mm - Stair Parts


41mm White Primed Square Spindle.


41 x 41mm

Available in the following lengths:


Part of our White Primed Selection. This understated low profile half newel cap is designed to fit over new or existing half newel posts measuring 90 x 43mm, providing a clean lined finish. This cap matches our White Primed Square Half Newel Post.

The 41mm square spindles are supplied in two lengths: The 895mm spindles are for use on closed string staircases and domestic landing areas.  The 1100mm spindles are for use on cut-string staircases where there would be one 895mm and one 1100mm spindle per tread. The longer length is also for use around commercial landing areas to comply with building regulations. 

These spindles should be fitted to handrails and baserails with a 41mm groove with glue and pins before cutting and fitting the infill (supplied with the handrails and baserails).

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