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Stairbox Oak Newel Cladding Clad your existing post (1.5m and 3m lengths available) including 1 flat newel cap. Newel cladding is now manufactured from quality Birch Plywood with an A-Grade oak veneer. This ensures quality and stability over sold timber. Technical Details Existing post size Post size after cladding 70 x 70mm 101 x 101mm 75 x 75mm 106 x 106mm 80 x 80mm 111 x 111mm 85 x 85mm 116 x 116mm 90 x 90mm 121 x 121mm 95 x 95mm 126 x 126mm 100 x 100mm 131 x 131mm The kit comes with  1 newel cap , if you can buy additional caps for example if you require a pendant (cap for the underside). Update Your Balustrade With Our Newel Cladding Kit Today! Your newel posts are one of the most dominant features of your staircase, so it is natural that you would want them to look as perfect as possible. So should you want to renovate your existing staircase, the newel posts are an understandable first port of call. It is for this reason that we at StairBox have been constantly working to improve our Oak Newel Cladding to make it as seamless and simple as possible while not compromising the structure.  Here you are able to purchase newel cladding for a variety of different existing newel sizes (Just click the drop down box to the right), so you can be sure that we would be able to supply something that would suit your existing newels. We supply the cladding in two different lengths, both 1.5m and 3m, that way we are able to suit both newels at handrail height as well as those that are a little, say on your landing balustrade or the center of a winder staircase. Each piece of cladding is 15mm thick, adding an additional 30mm onto the overall dimensions of the newel post, creating a really substantial post. Please note that the oak will be engineered in some cases, though this will not be seen nor noticeable. And, of course, we will include a newel cap to suit the new newel post dimensions. This provides the perfect finish to your new newels, creating a beautiful effect that really enhances your staircase and hallway. Please note that we would always recommend this to be fitted by a joiner and sanded down after fitting to get that perfect finish. Buy Oak Newel Cladding Online Today. Why Clad your Newels? Sometimes our customers ask why they should clad their existing newel posts rather than just replacing the post. The fact is that it normally depends upon your staircase and your tastes. When deciding whether you should replace your newel post or clad it, first look at whether your existing newel post is nice and secure. If it isn't, you are probably better off replacing it unless you are able to affix it. If your newel post is secure then there is no great reason not to clad your existing newel post, replacing it can often be a messy job.  Cladding, Perfected. Our cladding system has been through a variety of iterations, always improving over the previous designs in an effort to ensure that you get the best possible experience using our system. Both in the installation of the cladding as well as the final product. We would challenge you to point out the difference between a Solid Oak Newel Post and one of our Cladded Newels! We have done everything we can to ensure that your staircase renovation goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a couple of images from one  happy customer: Would you like to read a little more about our Cladding? If so, soon you will be able to check out our Blog Post on Our Newel Cladding and how it came to be!  *Please note that we would always recommend this to be fitted by a joiner and sanded down after fitting to get that perfect finish. 75.75 Stairbox

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