White Primed Baserail - Stair Parts


White Primed Cheshire Pattern Baserail, available with either:

41mm groove for 41mm spindles 

Available in the following lengths:

  • 1200mm
  • 2100mm
  • 3000mm
  • 4200mm

What's included?

All of our rails come wrapped along with the appropriate size infill (41mm groove size). These can be cut to suit your spindle spacing on site.


Part of our primed range. Our baserail can either be used on the top of your staircase as a string capping, or along flat landing areas. Baserail is usually screwed down through the spindle groove using ordinary wood screws which become covered by the spindles / infill.

Baserails can be used between 2 newel posts, or they can be cut at 45 degrees to form a 90 degree mitre for example to return a landing balustrade the same way as you would mitre a handrail.


White Primed, saving time on site and ready for finishing coat.

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    • *7-10 working days is our average lead time on staircases
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