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Using a SpaceSaver Staircase

using a spacesaver staircase top tips

Trying to save on space? You may want to consider a SpaceSaver staircase.

These go by a couple of other names, such as Loft Stairs, Paddle Flights and Alternating Tread Staircases. If you would like to order one, check out our Loft Staircase Designer.

spacesaver staircase regulations

SpaceSaver regulations

This staircase is widely used as more and more people convert their lofts into a usable space. As this staircase has grown in popularity, it has gained its own regulations, limiting where and when it can be used.

These staircases can only be used to serve a single room or a single room and an en-suite. This is simply used to limit the amount of traffic and use that the flight would have.

A SpaceSaver must always have a handrail on at least one side. If you are putting the staircase between two walls then add a wall rail to at least one side.

This cannot be the only staircase in a dwelling and cannot be the only route of access for a “habitable room” such as the lounge or dining room, in other words a room that is accessed multiple times throughout the day.

As you can see from these regulations; this is not a replacement for a normal staircase in the vast majority of cases. They are only used to gain access to a loft conversion or mezzanine.

spacesaver staircases take up less room

Space savers take up less room

These flights require far less going to get to the same rise when compared with a normal flight. This is because part of each tread is cut away, on the left and right sides alternately. You therefore go up the flight on your left foot, then right and so on. As such you are rising almost twice as quickly whilst still having a good individual going on each tread.

spacesaver staircases right or left foot first

Right or left foot first?

When you order one of these flights, one of the questions you will be asked is whether you want to start on your left or right. This is literally whether you wish for the bottom tread to be on the left or right. Customers sometimes go with their stronger foot, or other times go with whichever option will be the most comfortable on site.

spacesaver staircase suitability

Is a SpaceSaver for me?

As Space Saver flights are able to take up such little room on site they are undeniably useful. However, as you have read above, they also have a large number of things holding them back, not just regulations but also simple aspects such as not being able to turn around mid-flight.

In a lot of cases we would first urge you to see whether you could fit a small, but normal staircase that complies with UK Regs. If your only choices are to either go for a normal staircase that it outside of UK Regs or go with a SpaceSaver flight then there is no contest, we would urge you to go with a Space Saver Flight.