StairBox on George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations

StairBox on George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations

We were excited to see StairBox products featured in an episode of George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations on Channel 4 in 2022.

StairBox on George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations

The programme highlights the issue of the many commercial buildings that lie empty across Britain due to the rise of online shopping, and tells the story of the brave few taking on the challenge of transforming these local landmarks into homes.

The episode we were involved in saw Peter and Julia turn the Wickwar post office they had run for the last 20 years into a beautiful home for their family. They had lived in part of the property whilst working as the postmaster, but following the closure of the shop converted the whole building into a residential home. It was certainly a labour of love for the couple but the end result was fantastic and they truly restored the Georgian building to its former glory.

The property was built over three floors, so they opted for a glass balustrade which ensured light passed through to landing spaces which may otherwise have been quite dark. The oak handrail they chose tied in perfectly with the other oak accents in the property, creating a feeling of warmth as well as a cohesive theme.

The combination of oak and glass in staircase design melds together traditional and contemporary materials, creating an aesthetic that can look just as at home in an oak framed cottage as it does in a modern, minimalist house.

If you’d like to achieve the same oak and glass balustrade style as used in Remarkable Renovations, it couldn't be easier thanks to our online balustrade designer. Follow the Measuring Guide to find the key dimensions you need, input them into the balustrade builder and then select the glass style you require (embedded, where the glass panels sit in grooves within the hand and base rail, or clamped where the glass is held in place by metal clamps). You can also adjust the panel spacing and choose between large and small panels.

If you’re designing a new staircase from scratch, you can also spec an oak and glass balustrade on our StairBuilder® tool.

For more oak and glass staircase inspiration, take a look at our online gallery, and don’t forget to watch the Wickwar Post Office Remarkable Renovations episode here!