Closed Plan, Oak and Glass Staircase

Closed Oak and Glass Staircase

Oak and glass has become something of a signature for us here at StairBox, quickly becoming our most popular style. However, when alot of customers think of oak and glass, they think of open staircases (like this oak open plan and glass staircases) but the fact is that most staircases with oak and glass are in fact a closed oak and glass staircase. This means that the staircase has full risers stretching from tread to tread, closing off the underside of the staircase. This frees up the underside to be used for other things, such as a cupboard etc. Additionally, as we would just use veneered risers as well as blocks and wedges to fix the staircase into place, this lowers the cost of the staircase quite significantly.

A Beautiful Example

This is a fantastic example of a closed oak and glass staircase, creating a great focal point for the hallway of this new build. You can see that at the bottom of this flight, our customer has added bullnose and curtail feature treads, this means that the bottom treads curve beyond the main stair width and curve around and back into the newel. Not only is this an elegant feature of the flight, creating another eye-catching detail, but this is also a way to really open the staircase into the hall. Now you are able to access the staircase from the side as well as from the front.

Closing The Underside

Another element that is shown off perfectly from this angle is the great closing off of the underside of the flight. Should part of the underside of the flight be effectively seen then you need to cover it as a standard closed flight will not be ‘clean’, this means that if you were looking at it from underneath then you would see a whole host of blocks, wedges and glue. So, in order to get around this, you would need to cover it with something. Many customers choose to plaster the underside, this is a good answer as it is relatively inexpensive and gives a clean finish. Another option, as shown here, is to cover the underside with the same material as the rest of the flight, so as you have here it looks more like a continuation of the flight.

Framed By Oak

On the floor above you can see that the balcony has been framed with oak and glass balustrade. This not only looks great, but is also incredibly functional. It allows a massive amount of light through, helping to brighten both floors. It is incredibly stable, the toughened glass is held in place by the structural handrail, baserail and newels, and is 8mm thick, more than 50% on top of the 5mm required by UK Regulations, ensuring that you and your family are as safe as can be.

Toughened Glass

The polished and toughened glass is perfectly framed by the oak, it should be noted that should you like we are able to get different coloured glass to suit your surroundings. We have recently done a job with smoked black glass panels framed by oak and it looks fantastic. This also goes for the timber in that we are more than happy to make any flight in any number of different timbers be that a redwood pine, walnut or sapele etc.


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