Oak and Embedded Glass Staircase

Embedded Glass

For far too long the only options open to homeowners in terms of balustrade were classic spindles, ranch rails or wrought iron spindles. While these options have come a long way recently in terms of styles and variety available, staircase balustrade was at risk of becoming a little stagnant. Luckily, things have changed.

Glass Balustrade

Homeowners and Interior Designers rejoiced in tandem at the advent of glass balustrades. The pinnacle of which, in my humble opinion, is represented here. You may believe that to state that a young medium has reached its zenith so close to its conception is hyperbolic, however, I would argue that my case is best represented by the images surrounding.

Big or Small

Other systems will use smaller panels, this is as they are able to then produce are large number and reduce costs for themselves. But, take a moment to look at these pictures. How could it be argued that smaller panels are superior? Here you can see just how great one, simple, unbroken pane of glass fares and I’m confident that you will agree that it fares rather well.


Should you wish to add glass balustrade to your existing staircase, that’s really not an issue. Using our Glass Balustrade Builder you are able to design your new glass balustrade by simply entering a few simple dimensions and going through our simple step by step system. Or are you thinking about a new staircase including glass? Even easier, simply click glass on Step 2 of the StairBuilder® and we will deal with the rest.