Oak and Glass, Open Riser Staircase

Oak & Glass, Open Risers

This staircase is the zenith of modern staircase design with a variety of up to date styles and sensibilities all converging to create one, singular, bespoke staircase. The combination of a stained American White Oak staircase, Open Plan with Chrome Risers and glass balustrade is a brilliant one, all fighting for your attention.

American White Oak

American white oak, naturally, has a beautifully light grain creating a spectacle in and of itself. However, this light colour doesn’t always suit the environment that it is going into. With this staircase, the customer already had very dark wood doors throughout the house. Our initial suggestion of American white oak was immediately laughed at so we sent a couple of samples to the customer to demonstrate just what we meant. This type of oak is perfect for staining, as it is so light it can be stained to match any wood that you may have in the house without any issues. Here we can see that the customer has used a really dark stain on the wood, perfectly complementing the existing wood in the house. As all of the staircases that we send out are unfinished, this is the sort of freedom afforded to you.

Letting the Light In

As the woods were all so dark, the last thing that this customer wanted was to make the hallway any darker. To help accomplish this we suggested to the customer that rather than your standard spindles, we would instead use a glass balustrade. The customer fell in love with the idea immediately, and I hope that you would agree that this was the right way to go. As you can see, not only is this being used on the staircase, but also on the galleried landings above. This allows the maximum amount of light to reach both floors and means that this hallway could never be considered lacking in illumination!

Open Plan

When you choose to go for an open plan staircase there are multiple options open to you. Easily the most modern is the chrome riser option seen here. With an open plan stair the big question is how to fill the gap between treads, reason for this being that according to Building Regulations, a staircase is not able to have a gap such that a 100mm sphere would be able to pass through. In this option a chrome rod is used, this means that the gap is no longer 100mm or more, but also allowing for the maximum throughput of light.

Clean Back

Another aspect of open plan staircase that not many people fully appreciate until they see it in the flesh, is that they have a clean back. They do not have any blocks and wedges underneath, instead, everything is done through the strings and as such there is barely any evidence of the staircase having been worked on at all. Just another great reason to choose an open plan staircase.


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