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Stair Panel Ideas

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of traditional charm or contemporary style to your interior, our stair panel ideas offer something for everyone.

Stair Panel Ideas

Wall panelling has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason; it's a simple and effective way to change an uninspiring two-dimensional wall into something with character and texture. Whether you're aiming to highlight original features or go for a more modern design, there’s a stair panel idea for every aesthetic.

Beyond its visual appeal, stair panelling also offers practical benefits. It can protect your walls from bumps and scuffs, making it an ideal choice for busy family homes and high traffic areas like the stairway.

In this collection, we've gathered inspiring stair panel ideas that will help you create a stunning entrance to your home.

Panelling Styles


oak edwardian spindle staircase

The term 'beadboard' comes from the grooves and small ridges between each vertical board, creating a parallel beaded appearance; usually to complete this design a decorative rail is fitted along the top, creating a tidy installation.

LCG Joinery renovated this staircase with our oak Edwardian spindles; combined with the beadboard panelling, the result is a more traditional look.


Shaker panelling traces back to the 18th century, where it was pioneered by the American Shakers; this religious group embraced a minimalist approach to design, characterized by simplicity, symmetry, and functionality.

Shaker panelling is one of the most popular methods. This type of panelling features plain, square designs that form multiple frames across the wall. Raised panels offer a fantastic way to enhance depth and texture in any room.

This customer combines traditional shaker panelling with modern styling and black accents, like their painted square spindles.

shaker panel staircase


shiplap staircase

The name "shiplap" originates from its initial use as insulation and protection for ships. It was later adapted for external building cladding; these wooden boards were typically rough-sawn, with alternating recesses to facilitate overlapping installation. This created a secure, interlocking seal, making it an ideal choice for weather protection in agricultural buildings like barns or cabins.

More recently, shiplap has gained popularity in interior design, offering a rustic and nautical charm. When installed horizontally, it guides the eye around the room, creating a sense of openness. A vertical hang draws attention upward, highlighting the room's height and making it appear taller.

Dovecote Barn's grand, t-shaped oak staircase looks wonderful in front of their shiplap panelled wall.

Slatted panels

Slatted wall panels serve as a versatile interior design solution that enhances the visual aesthetics and acoustic qualities of indoor spaces. By incorporating internal slatted panels into your decor scheme, you can infuse warmth, texture, and durability.

A glass balustrade is a great accompaniment for timber slatted panels around your staircase, giving a sleek, modern look without taking any attention away from your bold panelling.

oak wall panels
oak slatted panels

Oak wall panelling works wonderfully with oak stair parts and glass balustrade.


Often considered the ‘original’ or ‘classic’ style of panelling, wainscoting dates back to Victorian times where it was used in grand homes to show wealth. Traditionally, this type of panelling was installed halfway up the walls in grand residences, complemented by a dado rail that matched the era's opulent designs. Today, this trend has been reinvented, transforming it into a distinctive feature wall that brings character and charm.

Wainscoting is the perfect way to create a seamless blend of traditional interior aesthetics and modern living.

To compliment this stair panel idea a timeless spindle balustrade is the perfect match. The two can be tied together very closely with similar design features, creating a seamless look.

square spindle staircase
ornate staircase

In a project completed by Bull & Banks Ltd (left) straight, square spindles complemented the wall panelling, as well as the stair runner design. Whereas RELM Interiors (right) opted for a more ornate look.


Create a coordinated look


Stair panelling can lift your stairway ideas to something special, and as a main pathway through your home it's a great way to ensure a smart, cohesive finish.

When it comes to choosing your stair panel ideas, opt for a shade that matches or complements those used elsewhere in your home decor, as has been done in this space with the use of cool neutrals for the stair carpet, walls and choice of flooring.

A staircase renovation project by Williams Joinery.

Simple and sophisticated

Panelling doesn't mean a crisp, minimalist look isn’t a possibility — in fact, the right choice of pattern and colour can help create a modern staircase style.

Simple Shaker-style stair panelling is perfect for that timeless, elegant look. With this strong grid pattern, white colour scheme and square spindles, a very clean look has been created whilst still adding depth to the property.

simple staircase

Inject drama

Painted panelling or the use of bold wallpaper above panelling is a great way to express your personality and show your attention to detail.

Painting stair wall panelling a rich shade will add a dramatic touch to your staircase and is perfect for those looking for ideas with a difference - darker, bold shades are also great for drawing out the decorative patterns of mouldings.

wall panelling

The Home Improvements Channel UK colour-picked from their stair runner for their wall panelling finish, creating a perfectly cohesive look (left). A strong choice of wallpaper in a project by B S Smith Ltd (right) makes a real statement yet doesn't feel overwhelming, thanks to a simple, light panelling and staircase design.

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