A Contemporary Glass and Oak Staircase for a Self-Build Project in Suffolk

When Suffolk based April Groen embarked on a self-build project to create her own unique living space, she had very distinct ideas on how she envisaged the overall design of her property, both inside and out. As with many self-builds, all had to be produced to a high specification and within a strict budget and time frame.

This contemporary style building had a minimalist interior scheme. April wanted a simple and elegant staircase which would flow seamlessly into the main open plan living area without overpowering the general interior layout.

April said: “I didn’t want the staircase to ‘take over’ because it was coming off our main living area. I wanted an artistic design which would blend with my property’s design scheme, rather than dominate.”

She continued: “I managed the project and sourced everything on the internet and StairBox proved extremely competitive on price. I found the sales team responsive. If I phoned them I was able to speak to the same person each time which is important when you’re managing numerous different product purchases at the same time, as you are when you build a house.”

April first approached StairBox in December 2015 and once a quote was agreed, together with her architect, they began to collaborate with the StairBox team on a 3D design.
She explained: “3D plans are always helpful because you can instantly visualise what the end product will look like. We had a gallery and a series of mono pitches and the stairs would follow the mono pitch of the double height ceiling above it. It was crucial to get this correct, so we worked together to get the measurements right.”

Throughout February 2016, April worked with Ian Wright from StairBox to steer the final staircase design. It was constructed in a mix of light oak with a striking glass panelled mezzanine area to create a light and spacious feel to the final construction.

April said: “Importantly, I didn’t want oak on the treads but just on the trims. To have oak throughout was an expense which wasn’t necessary – there was no point putting oak on the treads as I knew we were going to carpet them. StairBox was one of the few companies I approached which could offer exactly what I wanted in this respect.”

Ian commented: “The customer wanted oak and glass with carpeted MDF treads which is a popular choice to reduce noise and add an extra level of comfort underfoot. The final design was a simple and elegant staircase which worked well with the property. The mezzanine area added to the grandeur of the opening to produce an airy, galleried area.”

By the end of February, the staircase was in situ and was a stunning addition to the new home.

April said: “A StairBox staircase is the right match for a self-build. It’s a good product for a competitive price. I’ve learnt a lot on this build and I would definitely use StairBox again. The product looks terrific and I am really pleased with it as it’s exactly how I envisaged it. And it came out at a price which was in my budget.”