Oak, Chrome and Glass Open Plan Staircase

An oak open plan staircase using chrome bars to close up the risers and ensure that the staircase is both safe and stylish. Combine this with clamped glass, and a gorgeous setting, and you have what is easily one of the most impressive and exciting staircases that come along every once in a while.

Darren and Anthony first met StairBox at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Birmingham. There they fell in love with our one of our show flights and knew instantly that they wanted to use StairBox for their staircase.

Their timber frame home had progressed nicely and it was clear that oak was on the agenda. Technical advisor Simon was sure that he would be able to come up with something that would fit in with the surroundings and complement their chosen style.

Darren and Anthony stated that they wanted for the home to be as open and light as possible. But at the same time, while the staircase was to be wooden, they wanted the flight to be sleek and modern. It was at this point that Simon Suggested the use of chrome on select elements of the staircase so as to lift the staircase beyond the traditional but at the same time create something that stands on its own as a statement and feature.

One challenge was where to use the chrome. The fact is that while we could have chucked chrome all over the flight, it could have looked really cheap if done incorrectly. As such, there was a lot of discussion amongst our designers as to how to best distribute chrome throughout the staircase without losing the oak staircase that Darren and Anthony were originally so taken with.

Our designers settled upon the use of chrome riser bars along with chrome clamps holding, and framing, the glass. This combination proved to be popular with Darren and Anthony and it is very easy to see why. The two really complement one another, adding a little more luxury to the flight while at the same time not drawing your eye away from the surroundings.

This is a beautiful flight that shows off just how stunning a relatively simple staircase can be.