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Fitting Staircases and Stair Parts

Staircase Fitting Guide

Find out everything you need to know about constructing and fitting your staircase or stair parts.

Whether you've ordered your stairs in kit form or assembled, with a winder or additional landing balustrade, you'll find everything you need here in these detailed guides.

Staircase Fitting

How to fit a staircase

If your staircase has been ordered assembled (which we recommend), you can go ahead and start fitting it on site. Take a look at this simple step, by step guide as well as the in depth installation guide, which is available to download.

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Fitting a Staircase

How to construct a staircase

If you've ordered your staircase in kit form, you'll need to assemble it on site before fitting. Take a look at this guide for details on how to construct the straight element of the staircase.

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Newel Post Fitting

How to fit a newel post

Need help fitting your newel posts? Take a look at this step by step guide for more information.

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Fitting Winder Turns

How to fit winder turns

Find out how to fit various types of winder turns for your staircase, from top, middle and bottom winders, to 6 tread winders.

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Fitting a Balustrade

How to fit a balustrade

Whether you've ordered spindles or glass, you can find out how to fit staircase and landing balustrade here.

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RailFix Fitting

Fitting a handrail to a newel post

If you're looking to fit a handrail to a newel post, simply purchase a RailFix kit and follow this guide.

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Zipbolt Fitting

How to fit a Zipbolt

You will need to use a Zipbolt when attaching your main stair string to your landing string. If you are unsure how to do this, read our step by step guide.

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