5 Steps to Renovating Your Staircase

06 September 2019

Not sure where to start with renovating your staircase?

If you’re looking to give it a little more attention than a coat of paint, read our 5-step guide to renovating. You could choose just one of these steps or all of them. Should you need any further advice or help with choosing the right stair parts, simply get in touch.

Add a new balustrade to your stairs and landing

Choose to add an oak and glass or solid timber balustrade complete with handrail, baserail and spindles. Glass panels are a great way to brighten up a space ad are supplied made to measure. Timber parts can be painted or stained to match your existing décor.

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Replace or clad your newel posts

Your newel posts form part of your balustrade, so think about replacing or cladding these for the best result. Specialist oak newel cladding kits can be purchased from just £88.

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Carpet or clad treads and risers

If your treads and risers won’t look any better with a coat of oil or paint, try carpeting them or cladding with solid oak. Oak tread and riser cladding kits can be purchased from just £35.

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Paint or clad stair strings

Try painting your strings for a crisp new look or clad with Oak Apron Lining and String Veneer.

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Add a wall rail

To complete your new staircase look, why not add a wall rail for extra safety?

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