ClearCut Staircase

This is our latest and greatest creation ­ we are proud to introduce to you, ClearCut.

Our teams are constantly working to create new styles and concepts so that our customer’s wants and needs are catered for. Our most popular styles currently involve American White Oak and 8mm Toughened and Polished Glass. With this in mind, we wanted to see how we could combine the two in a new and innovative ways to create something beautiful that would fit into a variety of environments.

This is what is called a Cut String flight. This means that the string is cut to follow the treads and risers. This creates much more of a feature of the side profile of the flight itself, the oak treads and risers drawing a clean line against the white painted string. Each staircase has glass cut to fit the Going and Rise of the individual flight. Here you can see how the glass sits just off the staircase itself using chrome clamps. Again, nothing pulling focus, everything complimenting each element to come together and create a truly beautiful product.

You can see that we have thick treads and risers, this adds to the angular, clean lines. The beautiful American White Oak of the treads and risers works to contrast against the white painted string. We have here chosen to go with a paint grade string, this keeps the cost down and allows the Treads to be the focal point. Of course, if you would like the string to also be in oak, that’s absolutely fine! And the beauty of our bespoke service is that every element of this can be tailored to your wants and needs!

We would love to hear feedback from our loyal customers. What are your thoughts on the new style and concept? Get in touch with us and let us know! Would you like a quote for this style? Or do you have a twist on this that you would like us to quote for? Either way, call on 01782832555 or email us and we would be more than happy to help you!

Oak & Axxys Brushed Nickel

A veritable triumph of a staircase combining beautiful American White Oak with the modern Chrome Axxys Balustrade to create a focal point that is both understated yet full to the brim with class.

Mr Jackson came to us with a wish to create something that is both modern but natural, hoping to inject a slightly lighter colour of wood into the household to bridge the gap between the darker wood used elsewhere in the house and the more neutral colour scheme wanted for the walls. Never one to shy away from a challenge, the engineers at StairBox were happy to oblige and create a few options.


While Mr Jackson liked a few of the options presented, he loved the option of the Axxys Solo as soon as he saw them. The use of both chrome and oak in the Axxys spindle creates a really sleek, modern styling while harking back to a more classic edwardian style of turned spindle. This is a style of spindle that I have seen attempted by other companies but none have been able to capture the duplicity of the two styles quite so well as Cheshire Mouldings have with this option.


The basic design of the staircase is simple but functional, after all, why go for something more complex if it isn’t needed? We have a single bullnose step at the bottom of the flight to open the flight to both sides of the hallway. Next we move on to a simple 3 kite ­winder turn and a straight flight from there.


On the left of the kite winder we have a small length of balustrade finishing in the wall opposite. This closes off the staircase to the doorway to the left of the flight but creates a really nice frame to the entrance of the staircase.


One aspect of the finishing that I really appreciate is the large string that goes to ground on the LHS of the flight, this creates a really neat ending to the flight and the same is done opposite to close off the underside of the winders in each case. This can be done a number of ways (plastering the underside or simply erect a wall closing off the underside of the flight altogether) however we feel that in this case the use of additional oak really aids the overall feel of the flight.


OPUS Properties

Thanks to OPUS Properties we can see just how grand a feature a staircase can be while still retaining a sleek and modern look.

Here 10mm glass is held in place with chrome clamps creating a beautiful addition while not drawing the eye away from the staircase itself. The use of American White Oak stands proud of the neutral environment, a natural element to this simple, sleek surrounding. The staircase is a great central feature to what is otherwise a plain hallway and creates a ‘Wow!’ factor as soon as you enter the hall.


You are able to see how here the flight it created of both open and closed plan flights. The lower closed flights containing the solid risers, while the open elements above demonstrate the use of half risers allowing the light to flood into the hallway. This is a welcome addition to the hallway rather than a foreboding structure that it could have otherwise been in the wrong hands!


The opening to the flight is populated by three feature treads; a dancing step, curtail step and bullnose step. The addition of a dancing step is a nice traditional touch to what is otherwise a very traditional flight. These feature treads serve to open the staircase massively into this gigantic hallway and create a great invitation to join the staircase from the left and right of the flight without hesitation.


The CAD drawing shown below demonstrates just how technical the creation of this flight was. But don’t let this worry you, a lot of this is for our use to ensure that every detail, no matter how small, is accounted for before the flight leave our workshop. The adjusted Goings throughout the different elements of the flight means that this would technically not comply with UK regulations, however we are able to create any flight that you require and to whatever specifications you require, we merely have to make you fully aware of the regulations and how they would apply to your flight. While you can always look into the regulations yourself by looking into Document K, feel free to call us and we are always happy to talk you through them.


Traditional Walnut

Our customer came to us with a blank slate and a simple vision, something grand and traditional.

After a good chat with our advisors it was decided that walnut was the wood for the job. No other timber is capable of such rich, luxurious browns while maintaining such a characteristic flowing grain throughout its lengths.


The first aspect of this staircase that will jump out to most customers is the continuous handrail. As you can see at the bottom of the flight we have a classic volute in which the handrail comes to rest in a small circular carousel, spindles and all. This is a brilliant little feature that creates that grandiose impact required for the flight.


The treads and risers, while being walnut, have had a stair runner added. This is a matter of taste, but personally I feel that this suits the household as a whole and serves to break up the otherwise very rich stair carcass. It also serves to create a better continuation between the upper and lower floor than may have been otherwise possible with the simply walnut flight.


You’ll notice that in order to take this we have created a customer curtail step at the bottom of the flight to accept the spindles and open the staircase to the rest of the home at it’s entrance. If you look closely you can also see that we have carried this curtail around to the other side of the flight also, again opening it out and provide an air of symmetry.


The flight itself is what is known as a cut string staircase. This means that the stringer is cut to follow the rise and going of the stair, as it is, here the string is normally only cut on the one open side. This is a great way to add a little character to a flight and is very much a classical style. The side of the staircase that it up against the wall also has a subtle, but much appreciated touch. The string is ramped and curved rather than coming to harsh angles which could have otherwise drawn focus away from the other great aspects of the flight. You may notice that we have added two spindles per tread, this isn’t strictly necessary from a safety point of view however it creates a lovely effect that the eye certainly appreciates as it follows the ascent of the flight. You may also be able to make out that the cut string also has a bracket added to it. This is a purely decorative touch which is again very much the traditional option.


As we venture towards the landing we notice that a lovely walnut apron has been added to the stairwell and carries round the full landing, this is a lovely touch that again helps to accentuate the grand nature of the flight. The handrail also continues unbroken throughout the length of this landing, this had to be customer made to fit the exact dimensions of the landing.

We hope that you love this staircase as much as we at StairBox do, this flight has always been a point of pride for those that worked so hard on it. If you have a specific vision that you would like to be realised, we at StairBox are more than happy to help. Please feel free to contact us via email or call us on 01782 832555.

Mr. William’s White & Pine SpaceSaver

Here we have a beautiful example of a SpaceSaver Staircase that really shines in its simplicity.

SpaceSaver staircases (Sometimes called ‘Paddle Flights’) are noteworthy due to their ability to traverse the same height in approximately half the Going of a normal flight. This is due to their paddle treads that alternate between left and right with each step.

Making use of the limited space available, Mr Williams has created a simple yet stylish flight that perfectly fits with the rest of the surrounding decor. Blending both the modern with the traditional, we have edwardian turned spindles embedded into a varnished oak Handrail.

As this is a SpaceSaver flight you need to have handrail on both sides, as such Mr Williams has mirrored the handrail and put it on brackets.

By Painting the strings and risers, Mr Williams has drawn focus to the brilliantly varnished Redwood Pine Treads. The Varnish used here also contains a non-slip agent, create a dual purpose of both beauty and, of course, safety.

The nature of Space Saver flights is such that they are only able to service either one room or one room and an ensuite, this is simply an effort to limit traffic, however they are well within regulations and are a safe alternative to potentially losing that additional space.

Using only Cream, white and the varnished natural wood, Mr Williams has created which is simply the best looking SpaceSaver we have ever seen while by no means breaking the bank. I think that we can all agree that this is a beautiful flight that is just bursting with character.
Beats a ladder any day of the week.