Top 5 Staircase Designs

30 August 2019

With a variety of styles and configurations to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the perfect staircase for your property.
So we thought we’d share our Top 10 best staircase designs to help you decide.

1. First up are these solid oak staircases with embedded glass balustrade. The use of glass in this 3 story property really helps lighten up the space and the addition of a stair runner creates a warm, homely feel.

To achieve this look, simply design on our online StairBuilder with your measurements – opt for a balustrade with embedded glass panels and bullnose tread on Step 2, then oak on all materials in Step 2.

2. Next is this solid oak open plan flight. It’s sleek curved design is created using a 3 tread winder, embedded glass balustrade, oak half risers and ‘no nosing’ treads.

To achieve this look, simply get in touch with the team. They’ll be able to provide you with a 2D and 3D design based on the description above and measurements you provide.

3. This open plan design with chrome half riser bars won 1st place in our photo competition in 2018 for its eye-catching design in this entrance hallway.

To achieve this look, send over your measurements to the technical team and ask for open plan with chrome riser bars, plus clamped glass balustrade with round chrome clamps.

4. If you’re looking for a statement staircase design, a T-shape configuration is certainly the way to go!

This T-shape staircase design is constructed from oak and MDF. The use of solid oak in the balustrade against painted white strings creates a bold statement with it’s clean lines. Stop chamfered spindles create interest and catch the light beautifully when the sun shines into this entrance space.

If you’d like to create a similar look to this with your own configuration, simply opt for the following on the StairBuilder on our website – balustrade with stop-chamfered spindles and double bullnose step on Step 2, oak newel post, balustrade and handrail with pine strings, treads and risers on Step 3.

For a T-shape staircase configuration, get in touch with the team who can draw this up for you.

5. Utilising the natural light in the space is this open plan solid oak staircase.

This staircase was designed to include a bottom quarter landing and gallery landing above to make the best use of the space. To complement the solid oak entrance frame, the open-plan design features oak half risers with ‘no nosing’ treads, creating the appearance of a solid piece of oak.

Opting for a configuration like this one with quarter landing and extra landing balustrade is easy with our online StairBuilder.

If you’re looking for an open plan design, simply get in touch with the team – they can add this for you.

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